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Convention Instructors
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IDAL 2014 Annual Convention & Exposition Instructors

Mave AlftMave Alft

Mave Alft "married" the painting business when she met her husband and business partner at Stout State University. Her husband's family founded Alft Decorators in 1946. Mostly self-taught, she began stenciling in 1972, co-managed a retail paint store, and managed a home décor/stencil shop for 20 years. Mave taught stencil and faux finish classes and an occasional decorative painting project filled her days until 2001, when Alft Decorators sold the retail operations. The company then downsized from 14 employees to a partnership of two, and they currently offer complete interior painting services specializing in decorative paint and plaster.

Mave strives for innovation in her wall and ceiling finishes and uses her strong eye for detail to customize her projects and create unique room designs.

A member of IDAL (previously SALI) since the 1980s, Mave has studied under Melanie Royals, Kathy Carroll, Gary Lord, Donna Phelps, Pro Faux, Mindy Harrell, and Kathy Wear. She has taught finishing classes of top sellers at the "Faux Retreat," "Camp Faux," and the Minnesota IDAL chapter.

Classes Mave Alft is teaching at the 2014 IDAL Convention:

iLia AnossoviLia Anossov

iLia Anossov (fresco) is one of the very few artists in the world who can be considered masters of the art of fresco painting. His knowledge of the techniques of this most difficult art form is sought out by his contemporaries at great art institutes and museums. iLia is the founder of Fresco School which is the only art school in the U.S. offering ongoing fresco curriculum. He is the author of "Buon Fresco Foundations" DVD tutorials from Introduction to True (Buon) Fresco Painting Series.

iLia Anossov was born in Moscow in 1966, attended official art schools and explored various media including cinematography, architecture and visual arts. However his true education came through classic-style apprenticeships to master artists, between 1983 and 1996, when he served three 4-year long apprenticeships in Russia and United States.

iLia has been widely exhibited in Russia, Europe and the United States including seven Museum Exhibitions and over 50 Solo and Group exhibitions around the World. Commissions include large-scale frescoes and murals in private homes as well as public places.

iLia's creative mind and artistic excellence has been also in high demand for the most prestigious events such as the design and production of the interior decor of the 76th Annual Academy Awards® Governor's Ball. The entire interior of the Ball (over 27,000 sq. feet) was hand painted in Trompe L'oeil Frescoes.

His recent project, Malibu Fresco, has been featured on the cover of Architectural Digest magazine in USA and Germany. Presently he is working a large scale (over 3000 sq. ft) fresco project in Beverly Hills, California.

Since 1996 iLia Anossov lives and works in Los Angeles. He shares his studio with muralist Kent Twitchell.

Classes iLia Anossov is teaching at the 2014 IDAL Convention:


Robin Belisle (Johnston)

Robin BelisleRobin established Faux Couture in 1997 and has never looked back. Her extensive travels to Europe and Northern Africa continue to be a rich source of inspiration for her designs. Faux Couture work can be seen in many exclusive interiors in the Detroit area, many of which have been featured in award-winning design publications....Detroit Home, Ambassador, styleline, and HOUR magazine. The company portfolio showcases extensive library treatments matching Habersham furniture elements. Currently, Robin is sought out for her fresh approach to "Modern Vintage" featuring grasscloth textures and soft, faded finishes combined with typography. The Faux Couture team is a regularly featured attraction at the Novi Home and Garden Expo every year. What began as a small participant booth in 2006 has grown into a coveted showcase and her demos have been seen by thousands of guests. Robin has personally trained her team of 8 artists and continues to seek opportunities for their professional development and specialization. Each summer brings a new crop of work study college students from surrounding areas to serve as eager apprentices. The Faux Couture philosophy is "let the beauty of what you love, be what you do"....but the creed we live by is...."You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You MUST do the thing which you think you cannot do." by Eleanor Roosevelt. These are two of my favorite word sayings that we use a lot on walls over our work. They say a lot about our dedication and our continued pursuit of excellence.

Robin is known for her ability to connect and communicate with designer's and students of every experience level. Having had a variety of classes at the studio, It has always been her desire to teach at IDAL.

Classes Robin Belisle is teaching at the 2014 IDAL Convention:

Chris Burke
Chris Burke

Chris Burke has been creating beautiful faux finishes as Mr. Faux for over twenty years, from Museums to residential spaces.

Trained by world-renowned masters, Chris Burke's expertise reflects decades of experience in the art of decorative painting. Chris started painting beside his father 30 years ago, restoring homes from the early 1800's; forming a comprehensive knowledge of the Painting Industry. Whether creating or matching unique faux finishes or duplicating intricate marbles and fine woods, Chris' creativity and talent mark him as a true artisan. Working with architects, designers, builders and home owners, Mr. Faux has traveled the world creating beautiful spaces.

Past Mr. Faux projects include: FBI Headquarters, Israeli Embassy, 1999 NATO Summit DC (Presidents reception rooms), Rolls Royce Dealership, National Women's Art Museum (Washington, DC),Churches, Restaurants, homeowners throughout the states.

Born and raised in the Washington, DC Metro area, Chris now resides with his family in Landsdowne, VA.

Classes Chris Burke is teaching at the 2014 IDAL Convention:

Mats Carlsson

Mats Carlsson

Mats began as house painter in the mid-1970s. In 1991, he began his study of decorative painting with Master Painter Stellan Palm, where he remained for eight years. There, he learned the classical techniques of graining, marbling, grisaille, etc.

His studies took him to the school of Yannick Guegan (France) where he was the first Scandinavian to receive a diploma. Later in 1996 he started an education course for decorative painting in Norrköping, Sweden.

For the last ten years, Mats, with his colleague Lotta Olsson, have successfully run Palm Fine Arts educational center for decorative painting. The two year program covers all kinds of techniques in classical decorative painting as well as training in modern color theory, form and design. We have used only environmentally friendly water-based material for the last seven years, "Transition to water-based materials has meant that we've developed techniques that have significantly reduced the working time, without reducing the quality. Today it is a requirement to be able to perform high quality work in minimum time."

Mats specializes in wood graining, material imitation and trompe l'oeil and has given classes in the United States and several European countries.

"I think my classes are popular because I teach the same fast techniques that I use when I am on the job. To teach in our school and do commissions makes me constantly develop and refine all techniques. "

Mats is a member of the Salon since 1996 and was, together with Lotta Olsson, hosting the Salon 1999 in Norrköping, Sweden.

Classes Mats Carlsson is teaching at the 2014 IDAL Convention:

Kathy Carroll
Kathy Carroll

Faux finishing is Kathy Carroll's passion. As owner of The Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes, Kathy enjoys teaching a variety of specialty finishes for walls, floors and furniture. She also finds that her students appreciate her knowledge of the large range of products available to decorative finishers, including "Green Products."

After the opening of her eStore in March, 2005, Kathy experienced a considerable expansion of her faux finishing supply store. Presently there are over 5,000 items from a variety of manufacturers to choose from. You will often hear her say that "One Manufacturer is Not the Answer to All."

Kathy has been a visionary in the business of decorative painting, beginning her career in teaching as one of the "Big 8 Schools" for Faux Effects. In 2001 decisions were made that changed the course of the Chicago Institute of Decorative Finishing to its present charter: The Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes. While changing the name of the Institute was easy, acquiring new products and alternatives to the ones used in the past was challenging. Looking back over the last nine years has proven that things really do work out for the best and that this change now allows The Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes to offer its customers and students "The Best of The Best."

Because her store is independent of any one manufacturer, Kathy is able to offer products found here and in Europe alike. In the past year, she has developed several products of her own under the "Bella" label, including Bella Fresco™ and Bella Sabbia. Along with the actual paints, plasters and decorative finishing products, Kathy also offers a variety of faux and decorative painting tools for the artisan.

With over 20 years in the decorative arts and interior design business, in addition to her talent in creating unique faux finishes, Kathy's background is worth sharing with other faux artisans, muralists and decorative painters. Kathy counts among her students a number of individuals who have started schools of their own.

In spite of her expertise, Kathy realizes that to bring the best to her students, she must continue be a student herself. Her skills are constantly evolving as she learns new faux finishes, takes classes from other artisans and then passes along her newly acquired techniques to her own clients and students. Kathy's vivacious enthusiasm as an instructor is second only to her artistry and knowledge of the decorative painting industry.

The relationship between Kathy and her faux finishing students does not end upon completion of a course. Taking a class from Kathy is like becoming a member of the family. Kathy prides herself on helping others begin their own faux finishing careers and her philosophy has always been "Your Success ... is Our Success."

Classes Kathy Carroll is teaching at the 2014 IDAL Convention:

Tamara Clark

Tamara ClarkOffering 30 years of experience in the decorative arts, Tamara Clark is proficient in a variety of decorative finishes, contemporary finishes, patterns, and designs and has designed custom looks for residential and commercial clients alike. Tamara’s work has been featured in Extreme Makeover Home Edition 2007 TV Show, The cover of Wake Living Magazine (Raleigh, NC), American Biker TV Show, The News & Observer (Raleigh, NC), Style Magazine (Richmond, VA.), HOUZZ & Richmond Magazine. Tamara is also the Decorative Finisher for The CHEESECAKE FACTORY (Raleigh, Durham & Charlotte, NC) & a Licensed Distributor of Faux Effects.

Tamara started her own company, TC ARTWORKS INC. in 1996. Creating thousands of decorative finishes on ceilings, floors, walls and cabinetry in NC & VA. Tamara also specializes in Commercial Interior Design, designing 42 Dental Offices and Commercial offices throughout NC since 1999.

Tamara also has a background in Arts Education and was a Visual Arts Teacher in the Public School System in NC & VA & an instructor at Wake Technical Community College in NC. Teaching is her love and she continues teaching Art classes to DIY and Professional Decorative Finishers in her studio located in Carytown, Richmond, VA.

Classes Tamara Clark is teaching at the 2014 IDAL Convention:


Doug Danforth

Doug DanforthDoug Danforth first began his professional life as an illustration artist for a small northern California printing firm, which led to an illustration assignment in Paris, France – where the distraction of countless museums and art salons fed the creative hunger and passions in his heart.
In the time since, creative outlets were met and enjoyed greatly – such as ownership and design in a fabric silkscreen business, which put a colorful and whimsical face to the garment industry, particularly with children’s clothing.As a lateral expression, finish carpentry and cabinetry making jobs were also enjoyed.Through these, antique restoration, furniture making and design, custom furniture finishes and interior design and coloration evolved.The corporate world was explored briefly, in being a ‘communications artist’ (or simply said, anything that needed to be drawn) for a southern California corporation.This entailed all visual publicity – whether magazine ads or industry newsletters, product descriptions and illustrations, in-house product diagrams and materials descriptions, illustrations and framed art presentation gifts, etc.

Eventually, the artist found himself in the historic south, working for a gifted surface design artisan creating furniture, altering residence walls/ceilings/floors, and restoring antique furniture.Simply said, it was idyllic.It was in this occupation relationship that Danforth at last met the world of faux and specialty finishes, fantasy finish, trompe l’oeuille and mural painting.His extensive artistic past met his limitless creative future with unique expressions in acrylics, varnishes, lacquers, glazes,washes, metallics (leaf and powders), crackle, casting, antiquing, stenciling and so much more – and where 'thinking on one's feet' became a daily exercise.

His relocation to the Alamo City a couple of decades ago gave a new burst of expression from all that he had previously explored, and continues to explore.

Classes Doug Danforth is teaching at the 2014 IDAL Convention:

Cynthia Davis

Cynthia DavisCynthia Davis is a decorative artist with over 20 years of experience in wall and furniture finishing and now also creates beaded and precious metal clay jewelry. Cynthia has created a stencil line for wall finishes called Wallovers, a business that she co-owns with her associate, Rena Paris. She specializes in patterned finishes and repeat designs. She has taught fresco and ornamental design classes nationally. She has been part of design teams around the world including church and chateaux restorations in Morrocco, Italy and France. Cynthia is featured in two industry books, Mural Painting: Secrets for Success and Simply Faux by Gary Lord.Cynthia is the founder of The Canvas Peace Project, an effort using art for advocacy by raising awareness of the conflicts in Sudan through painting. In addition to her painting work, Cynthia is an activist for human rights and is a 2011 Carl Wilken's Fellow with, I-ACT and is currently a graduate student at World Learning in Brattleboro Vermont where she will earn an MA in Service Leadership Management and Conflict Transformation. She has been married to her husband Joel Davis of JDevents for 27 years and lives in Fairfield, Connecticut. You can follow Cynthia's blog at

Classes Cynthia Davis is teaching at the 2014 IDAL Convention:

Morey Dunbar

Morey DunbarMorey Curtis Dunbar has had a lifelong love affair with creative wall finishes. While studying Environmental Design at Syracuse University's School Of Human Development, a single course in historic restoration and renovation ended up determining Morey's future career. Students were asked to create a cohesive plan of historical inspired glass, wall, floor, and fabric treatments. Experiments with different materials to create a variety of effects ignited a passion for decorative treatments for all surfaces.
Starting with furniture in a small gallery in Chicago a new business, PAINTED, was launched. Morey's ability to execute decorative finishes on architectural reproductions prompted customers to ask if she could create unique treatments for a condo on Chicago's Gold Coast. During a 22 year career in the decorative painting industry, Morey Curtis Dunbar has had the good fortune to work throughout the country both commercially and residentially. She has studied with decorative painting industry leaders. Recently, having become a certified instructor for Faux Effects Inc., Morey, along with co-teaching partner Jennifer Ferguson, recently developed and taught one of FE's newest and most exciting classes, Sexy Vegas. Morey has also taught privately for many years.
As the co-founder of FLATFILE Foundation, Morey established this organization to continue art education in underprivileged youth and struggling young artists, and has spent countless hours working with the children to expand their artistic horizons. She is a long time member of IDAL, a founding member and past president of The Atrium Online chapter and a local member of the Heartland Chapter.
Classes Morey Dunbar is teaching at the 2014 IDAL Convention:

Croft Elsaesser

Croft ElsaesserCroft Elsaesser is the developer of the American Clay product and has worked in and around construction for over 25 years, 13 of which were centered toward high-end furniture and wall finishes. During this time, Croft had projects featured in Phoenix Home and Garden, Foothills Magazine, and Su Casa. Croft began directing his energies to natural materials when he moved away from his early training in high-­-end furniture and fine finishing techniques into home construction and plastering. Upon developing American Clay, Croft utilized past experiences with other mediums to create a unique effects with clay plasters. This also expanded the need to train in the use of these unique materials. Croft has been training homeowners, contractors and applicators since 2001. As well as being a technical troubleshooter to applicators, Croft continues to develop and improve the American Clay products.

Classes Croft Elsaesser is teaching at the 2014 IDAL Convention:

Jennifer Ferguson

Jennifer FergusonJennifer is a self-taught artist and entrepreneur, she has been designing, teaching and educating in the decorative arts industry for the past 23 years.
As the owner and creative mind behind Artistic Painting Studio since 1989, Jennifer has shared her knowledge, passion and experience of paint/plaster/design through television appearances, books, videos, websites and workshops throughout the states as well as at her studio in Fresno, CA.
The co-author of Painted Chairs, Painted Whimsies, TrashFormations and Painted Fabric Fun Jennifer has had the opportunity to share many of her creative ideas. She has also appeared on numerous television shows, including Carol Duvall Show and Kitty Bartholomew's Your Home. She has been a contributor to many different trade magazines writing creative painting articles throughout the years.
Artistic Painting Studio/The Stencilled Garden
Jennifer developed a line of stencils back in 1994 and has been designing since that time – creating wonderful stencils to enhance your homes and business's. In 2007 Jennifer released the Black & White Collection of stencils, these stencils were created to be used with plasters.

Classes Jennifer Ferguson is teaching at the 2014 IDAL Convention:

Pierre Finkelstein

Pierre FinkelsteinMr. Finkelstein, who is the owner and principal painter at Grand Illusion Decorative Painting, Inc. is recognized world wide as a superior craftsman and master in the art of faux painting. He specializes in high-end residential and museum work.
He creates photo realistic faux finishes, faux marble and faux wood, intricate glazing, 18th and 19th century patinas, gilding, handmade plaster finishes, hand painted ornamentation, custom-cut stenciling and architectural trompe l'oeil for internationally acclaimed interior designers and architects. His field of expertise is a recreation of 18th and 19th century period rooms. He also works as a consultant on extensive projects, recommending and writing recipes for different finishes.
Mr. Finkelstein started his career twenty three years ago as a sign painter. In1986 he graduated from the Van Der Kelen Painting Institute in Brussels and was given a gold medal for his superior skills. In 1990 he was awarded the distinguished title of "Best Craftsman of France" for decorative painting by the French government, and since has won numerous awards from the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America.
He runs and teaches a short term successful program on high-end decorative painting twice a year in NYC at the Pierre Finkelstein Institute of Decorative Painting, and is often a guest teacher and speaker at other schools throughout the United States.
He has authored two well-known books on decorative painting, Recipes for Surfaces, (Simon & Shuster) and The Art of Faux (Watson-Guptill). The latest book The Art of Faux is an excellent source on decorative finishes for designers and architects.

Classes Pierre Finkelstein is teaching at the 2014 IDAL Convention:

Pat Ganino

Pat GaninoPatrick Ganino is the owner of Creative Evolution, a full-service decorative painting company that has operated in Connecticut and surrounding states since 1999. His clients have included successful business owners, celebrities, and high-profile interior designers. His work has been featured in many newspapers, National Magazines and TV shows such as Kitchen Nightmare, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Bar Rescue and Tabitha's Salon Takeover.
In addition to offering a wide range of faux painting and custom murals, Ganino has written a book entitled The Business of Faux , produced instructional DVDs for artists, teaches classes at his studio, and participates in The Faux Forum , a website he developed. He has worked with renowned artists from around the world and recently completed a spectacular series of murals on the exterior of a 12-story building in Brooklyn, NY . Ganino strives to continue to offer his clients an exceptional level of commitment on all projects. His drive to continually master new techniques will ensure lasting satisfaction from clients who expect only the best.

Classes Pat Ganino is teaching at the 2014 IDAL Convention:

Regina Garay

Regina GarayRegina Garay is Creative Director of the sibling-owned Garay Artisans, an Orlando, FL-based decorative painting firm that launched in 1998.Regina is of Hispanic heritage and members of each side of the family are involved in various fields of interior design and construction trades – you could say it runs in the genes. She has traveled internationally to receive training from world-renowned master artisans and has also taught faux finishing courses for various organizations. Her firm's work has been featured in newspapers, books and magazines and has twice won Top Job Awards from the American Painting Contractor.She also pens the Fauxology blog, which focuses on showcasing incredible faux finishing and interior design.Her goal for the industry is to continue elevating the awareness and artistry of extraordinary decorative painting.

Classes Regina Garay is teaching at the 2014 IDAL Convention:

Nena Garza-Sexton


Nena Garza-SextonAlways having a passion for Art and Design , I decided to start my finishing career by learning from the masters. I traveled to professional training classes throughout the Nation and attended as many classes as I could. I also worked with local talented artists to pick up any lessons of the trade. During the last several years of this, I had the opportunity to work with some of the top named Interior Designers in Houston. I still work with them to this day which has helped my career with other designers in the Houston Market. I have had many projects that have been published and I have won several ASID awards. For the last 11 Years I have owned and operated my own Decorative Finishing Company (NCF Studio). I started NCF as a home based business and within a few years the business doubled in size. The opportunity came along to open a teaching studio in Houston and I am now running a school where we offer classes for those who want to learn about decorative finishes and distribute products for local finishers. I continue to manage all aspects of the business; I’m the artist, instructor, project coordinator, and the studio’s manager.

Classes Nena Garza-Sexton is teaching at the 2014 IDAL Convention:

Julien GautierJulien Gautier

Julien Gautier began as a house painter in 1997 in France. In 2002, he began studies of decorative painting in a school in Nantes followed by the school of Yannick Guegan in 2003 where he graduated with first class honors.
Julien is working as an independent service decorative painter. He crates trompe l'oeil, faux finishes, faux woods and faux marbles, murals and ornaments for architects, interior designers and individual customers. He also provides training to individuals and groups. He is a member of the Salon since 2011 in Atlanta.
Classes Julien Gautier is teaching at the 2014 IDAL Convention:

Natali Hallberg

Natali HallbergNatali Hallberg is one of the leading decorative artists in Sweden. She is a member and a regular participant in the International Salon show.

A native of Ukraine, Natali has lived in Sweden for more than fifteen years. In 1992 she graduated from the University in Poltava, Ukraine and has a Master's degree in architecture. In architectural education it was a period of transition between manual work and computerization. That enabled Natali to fully learn the profession of a manual craft as well as the computer aspect of it. That education and training became a solid basis for her later career as an artist. Life in Sweden broadened Natali's skills and knowledge.She studied at Sagbacksgymnasiet (decorative painting) and at Langbro Folkhogskola (set designs for film, theatres and advertising). Some of Natali's strongest skills are understanding of colors, light and shadows, which allow her to create an illusion of depth and shape in both trompe l'oeil and portrait paintings.

Among Natali's clients are some of Sweden's major theaters, museums, various businesses and private residences, where she often combine her skills as architect, designer and artist. In recent years has she been working in many projects creating creative environments for children.

In addition to many styles of traditional decorative painting Natali specializes also in portraits, theatrical set designs and museum models of historical buildings.

Classes Natali Hallberg is teaching at the 2014 IDAL Convention:

Mindy Harrell

Mindy Harrell

Mindy Harrell from Harrell Art Group is an active member of IDAL. She currently resides in Newnan, Georgia teaching classes in Custom Canvas Art. It is her mission to teach others how to reach their full potential by tapping into their inner voice. Mindy is the Branch Manager for Metropolis IVAS USA and is part of their team as a certified support technician.

Her unique approach to teaching is a manner that is simplified and geared towards supporting your natural style.

Classes Mindy Harrell is teaching at the 2014 IDAL Convention:

Bryan King

Bryan KingBryan graduated with a B.F.A. from Carnegie-Mellon University in 1979, and an M.F.A. from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 1981. He has been working as a decorative artisan and muralist since 1986 in the metropolitan Washington area.

His business, Artifice, Inc. is a full service decorative painting company, with a strong emphasis on tromp-l’oeil and mural work which has allowed him to further his lifelong interest in a representational style of painting. A career highlight was being chosen to execute the decorative painting for the new U.S. Capitol Visitor Center in 2007. This project included recreating all of the marbles present in the House and Senate chambers for the Main Exhibition Hall at the Visitor’s Center, as well as decorative stenciling and tromp-l’oeil lettering. A good pictorial representation of this work is on his website at:

He has also been a past instructor of mural painting for the Smithsonian Institution’s Resident Associate Program.

In the past year he was honored as the Artisan of the Month on the Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes website ( which highlights some of my larger commissioned projects, as well as receiving a Community Enhancement Award from the Town of Vienna, Va for the bicycle mural shown below. I have completed many murals for restaurants, corporate offices, and private residences in the Washington, D.C. metro area, including nine large building murals in this region.

Classes Bryan King is teaching at the 2014 IDAL Convention:

Annie Lemarie

Annie LemarieAnnie Lemarié is the owner of Main Street Arts LLC, a decorative arts studio located in central Maryland. The studio offers graining, marbling, gilding, murals and decorative finishing primarily "to the trade". The studio often works in the exacting historic restoration field with a specialty of historic paint restoration and restoration of gilded surfaces and frames. Annie trained in fine arts at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland, and has studied with several artists and studios in the U.S. Projects have been published in Elle Décor, numerous editions of Frederick Magazine, Washington Home and Garden magazine and the book The House that Faux Built.
Clients include design firms, architectural firms, the National Park Service, and numerous private clients in the mid-Atlantic region.
Annie is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Society of Gilders, is a former member of the Board of Directors for IDAL, and former president of Habitat for Humanity of Washington County (MD).
She teaches individuals and small groups in her studio, and has taught for SALI/IDAL and the Decorative Painting Apprenticeship Program.
Classes Annie Lemarie is teaching at the 2014 IDAL Convention:

Melanie Link

Melanie Link

Melanie prides herself on forming friendships with her clients so that she may better understand the unique needs and wants of each family or business. She has worked with many different homeowners, builders, business owners, designers, and architects over the course of the last decade. Melanie loves the creative process and is always up for the challenge of creating new finishes, murals, or designs for her clients.

Interior Artistry by Melanie Link has also been providing Christmas and special occasion decorating for the past 9 years. Whether you want to use the decorations you have or want Melanie to select all new decorations, she can create a uniquely beautiful holiday atmosphere in your home or business.

Classes Melanie Link is teaching at the 2014 IDAL Convention:

Cindee Lundin

Cindee LundinCindee Lundin is the lead trainer and technical consultant for Architectural Enhancements LLC, Annandale, Minnesota. She also frequently works on assignments as a color consultant for commercial and residential builders and architects. Her passion for color and decorative art and her artistic flair are influenced by the years she spent painting large scale commissioned Trompe L'Oeil murals, refinishing fine furniture, faux finishing and doing high-end plastering. She has completed projects all around the US. Lundin successfully transferred these skills into her own thriving decorative concrete business, prior to joining Architectural Enhancements two years ago. Lundin has come full circle: starting as a classroom teacher, then studying fine art and working in decorative arts for fifteen years, crossing over to decorative concrete over seven years ago, and now returning to the classroom to teach decorative concrete techniques and methods for artisans and contractors.

Professional Credentials
Cindee Lundin holds an associates degree in educationfrom Brainard College. While pursuing her studies in fine art at St Cloud State University, she participated in many workshops to study with many distinguished guest artists from around the world.

Classes Cindee Lundin is teaching at the 2014 IDAL Convention:

Ed Mattingly

Ed MattinglyIn the paint manufacturing industry Ed is known for his innovative product designs and installation processes. Ed is currently providing field support, training and design for the Faux Impressions line at The Sherwin-Williams Company. Ed is an active member of ASID and The Color Marketing Group. He was awarded the ASID National Merit Award, the highest honor bestowed by ASID on an Industry Partner as well as the Spirit Award for his non profit work for Designs for Dignity. You can view Ed's most recent designs in your local Sherwin-Williams store at the Faux Impressions display
Classes Ed Mattingly is teaching at the 2014 IDAL Convention:

Henri Menendez

Henri MenendezBorn and raised in the NY/NJ area, in a family of artists, it was only natural that Henri Menendez follows the family tradition. Though Menendez studied at several colleges, he considers himself to be a 'self-taught artist'.
For the past 21 years, Henri Menendez has owned and operated DeHuelbes Designs, Inc. Mainly serving the metro-Atlanta area with decorative finishes, mural painting, and his specialty, cabinet finishes. The company name, "DeHuelbes" is an old family name from my mother's side and refers to the area of Spain that the family originates. The name was chosen to pay homage to my mother to whom I owe my life and love for the arts.
Menendez has taught at seven SALI/IDAL conventions since 2000, and is available to IDAL chapters as a guest teacher.
Henri now divides his time between his art and his construction company, Bella Vista Construction LLC established in 2006. Building and renovating homes has created a new challenge as well as an opportunity to be involved in all phases of design with clients, assisting with everything from granite selections to fixtures and wall finishes.
Classes Henri Menendez is teaching at the 2014 IDAL Convention:

Helen MorrisHelen Morris

Born in Singapore Helen spent her childhood in various countries. She went to a proper English boarding school where she developed an inventive approach to art, drama and rule bending. She had decided that when she grew up she would either be a world famous movie star or a world famous fashion designer but that was because she had never owned a stencil set as a child. If she had I am sure that it would not have taken twenty-eight years before Helen realized that she was going to be a stenciler.

Her company The Stencil Library is twenty one years old this fall, it was by happy accident that Helen was there at the birth. She had just finished appearing in her first movie, the role was tiny but it was a good start. Stencils were far from her mind.

Helen's husband was a graphic designer; he made and used stencils in his work. She made a chance discovery that the British public might be in need of his stencil designing skills and it set them both on a new adventure.

Their first 250 stencils were designed by Chips, Helen's husband. She hand cut every one of them with a surgical scalpel. The completed collection was brought to the public's attention by some wonderful praise in World of Interiors and Elle Decoration magazine, the two UK decorating bibles of the time. The demand for their style of stencils was higher than they had anticipated. In addition, publishers wanted them to stencil room sets for their books and magazines, customers wanted their homes stenciling, television programs wanted Helen to demonstrate what could be done with this wonder tool. People wanted to take classes. Helen had to learn to stencil.

That was the beginning

Chips has now designed around four thousand stencils. Helen taught herself to stencil and has since shared her techniques with countless people through workshops, writing, lectures and television in both Europe and America. She is said to be a leading expert on her subject. The Stencil Library is now well respected worldwide, a tiny company with a big reputation.

Helen will be delighted to share more of the story with you at convention this year.

Classes Helen Morris is teaching at the 2014 IDAL Convention:

Donna PhelpsDonna Phelps

Donna Phelps is an accomplished faux and decorative artist and has operated a successful faux finishing business for the past fifteen years. She has trained extensively at schools from California to Florida with masters of the industry.

As owner and principle instructor of Sarasota School of Faux & Architectural Finishing Donna continues to study new products and techniques as they are developed. Ongoing studies at The Faux Effects Studio with the Faux Effects product lines, as well as at other fine painting institutions, help keep her teaching style fresh and her techniques cutting edge. Her more than 20 years of training and experience translates into her ability to offer her students a wealth of real world knowledge, technical support, and the unique opportunity to learn to execute complex finishes with simple and profitable techniques.

Sarasota School of Faux & Architectural Finishing is a Professional Faux Effects Licensed Training and Distribution Center. The school offers a full complement of the Faux Effects Signature Series of workshops including all Designer Wall classes. Other classes focused on introducing the latest innovations in the Faux Effects product line such as RsCrete and LusterSuede are exciting new additions to the curriculum. Donna's personal Design Collection Series of classes utilizes a very special line of raised plaster stencils along with fabulous combinations of Faux Effects textures and metallics. The exciting line of stencils, marketed as The Victoria Larsen Professional Collection of Raised Plaster Stencils, is exclusively distributed by Donna and her school.

With her enthusiasm and creativity well in place, Donna will always offer her clients and her students cutting edge finishes and techniques with a smile.

Classes Donna Phelps is teaching at the 2014 IDAL Convention:

Rebecca Slaton

Rebecca Slaton

Rebecca Slaton is the Co-Owner (along with husband Bruce) of Surfaces Fine Paint in Lenexa, Kansas where she has been the lead instructor and professional consultant for 11 years. She began her decorative painting career over 18 years ago after switching career paths.Rebecca previously worked on federal, state, and local projects related to adolescent health including management ofCenter’s for Disease Control grantsPrior to becoming a full-time instructor and studio owner, she operated a commission business with 6 employees specializing in large scale cabinet finishing. Rebecca’s residential and commercial work was featured in national publications, Decorate with Paint,Faux Effects World, Gary Lord’s Simply Creative Faux Finishes and the AP story, Born Again Cabinets published in 6 national newspapers. Surfaces’ award winning commissions have been in many local publications including the Kansas City Star, Kansas City Home & Garden, and Kansas City Design.

She has a BA in Consumer Economics/Public Relations from the University of Georgia; an MPA with fund development certification from the Bloch graduate school at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.Rebecca is also a graduate of the Kauffman Fast-Trac II Entrepreneurship class.She feels her academic and work experience give her a strong background in the business side of faux finishing to share with her students.

Rebecca is proud to be a certified instructor and Gold/Silver Label Product retailer for Faux Effects International. She writes the blog, Finishing Acts, and enjoys teaching at locations around the country. Often on the weekends she can be found running in races sharing her enthusiasm for wellness and her quest for the best theme costumes.

Classes Rebecca Slaton is teaching at the 2014 IDAL Convention:

Matthew Taylor

Matthew TaylorMatthew Taylor is a principle at Concrete Flooring Associates and Clay Walls of Texas. He has been installing and educating in American Clay, decorative concrete floors and concrete countertops for over 15 years. Having been exposed to art and color from a young age he works one on one with his clients to create highly sought after finishes from ultra contemporary to rustic. Using stencils, inlays, green materials and faux painting he has successfully provided basic to highly decorative finishes for restaurants, residential homes and the city of Conroe and Houston. Highly respected among architects, builders and designers he is often called upon for specification of materials and finishes. His works are often found in Houston Home and Garden.

Classes Matthew Taylor is teaching at the 2014 IDAL Convention:

Dana Tucker

Dana Tucker

Dana Tucker, graduated from Western Kentucky University with a degree in Liberal Arts. She has worked in radio advertising for the last 18 years helping clients create awareness of their brands, driving traffic to their businesses and websites and increasing overall profitability. She also works with business owners on developing and implementing an on line marketing strategy including, website development, paid search marketing, display advertising, blogging, social media marketing and search engine optimization.

Dana and her husband Brooks own Bell and Tucker- faux artisans in Nashville, TN along with partner, William Bell. Dana has a passion for interior design and helping others achieve their design vision through paint and plaster. She manages the day to day operations of Bell and Tucker- faux artisans.

Classes Dana Tucker is teaching at the 2014 IDAL Convention:

Nicola Vigini

Nicola Vigini

Nicola Vigini, originally from Rome, and graduate of the Liceo Artistico in Rome and the Institute Superieure de Peinture Decorative (IPEDEC) in Paris is an internationally recognized master in decorative arts and design. He specializes in high end residential homes throughout the nation and church restoration.

Nicola began his young career as an intern in Assisi. After some time in Paris he eventually moved to Seattle where he had a business for 12 years before relocating to San Antonio in 1998. He began Vigini Studios that year where he completed projects and taught workshops at his home studio and other well known studios throughout the nation. Each summer he organized trips to Italy and Mexico with other famed instructors where students focused on my aspects of decorative painting including mural, grottesca, trompe l’oeil, fresco, and marble. Vigini Studios hosted the Salon, the international conference and gathering of international artists, in 2002.

His work appears in the famed San Antonio Missions and magazines including Veranda and he has exhibited on the Discovery Channel, Institute of Texan Cultures, Palazzo Moroni, Bergamo, Italy and Mauritshuis Museum in The Hague, The Netherlands. His plaster work was recently featured in the Oscar nominated short documentary "Tim’s Vermeer”. He is also the author to The Forward to The Handbook of Painted Decoration by Yannick Guegan and Roger Le Puil.

After deciding to focus on his true passion and expertise, design and decorative and faux painting, Nicola Vigini created Vigini Paint and Design working with his wife, Leslie Vigini, in creating one of a kind environments and furnishings for high end clientele in the South Texas area. Vigini Paint and Design also has a line of unique Italian inspired stencils with a new line coming out in the fall.

Classes Nicola Vigini is teaching at the 2014 IDAL Convention:

Krista Vind

Krista Vind

As a professionally trained finisher, Krista has been designing ambiance for surfaces since 1995. Her God given talent, experience, experimentation and travel have melded with her passion for art, resulting in the ability to create truly inspired and exclusive custom finishes. Her skill and distinctive style of decorative painting has made her a much sought after artist, as well as teacher.

Classes Krista Vind is teaching at the 2013 IDAL Convention:

Adrienne Wannamaker

Adrienne Wannamaker

Adrienne Wannamaker, long time, eminently successful professional decorative finisher and plasterer serving the Portland/Seattle and Silicone Valley/Bay Area markets some time ago realized that there was really no single source supply house that offered high quality texture and plaster products, tools, training and advice and service to both the professional and other finish applicators in the Northwest.

Fortuitously, a small Portland supply store became available. Adrienne realized that Chromatix at 220 SE Alder could become the genesis of a much more complete single source store for their profession that could offer complete lines of paints, plasters, tools, training, etc. Thus during the Summer of 2011 the hope and dream became a reality in BRUSH & TROWEL. There the professional applicator, designer, architect as well as the do-it-yourselfer artisan can find everything including classes, sample displays, advise, referrals – all in one pleasant professional environment.

Adrienne hopes to share her pride with the trade in their newly redecorated and well stocked operation many times in the future.

Classes Adrienne Wannamaker is teaching at the 2014 IDAL Convention:

Kathy Wear

Kathy Wear

Kathy Wear is the owner/artist of Artistic Finishes in Hendersonville, Tennessee. She has studied extensively over the years to perfect her craft, and is known amongst her peers for her innovative and original designs. Artistic Finishes specializes in custom wall finishes and hand trowelled plasters as well as murals. We take enormous pride in our work and strive to create finishes that are unique to your home and lifestyle.

Kathy has trained at Decorative Finishes Studio in Louisville, KY, under Master Artisans Martin Alan Hirsh and Krista Vind. Her work in the Nashville area Parade of Homes has won her five awards from the Home Builders Association of Middle Tennessee including Best Faux Finish and People's Choice Award for Faux Finishing. Her work has also been published in many local magazines including Sumner Lifestyles, Nashville Lifestyles at Home and House and Home of Nashville. Her work can currently be seen on Southern Homes and Lifestyles TV. She was recently named one of the top three concrete artist's in Nashville by Nashville House and Home.

Kathy was an instructor at Faux Assured Studio in the beautiful mountainous of Utah alongside studio owner, Mindy Harrell from 2009-2011. She has also taught at many other venues such as Faux Retreat, Camp Faux and IDAL Portland.

Kathy spent the past year researching the products from Metropolis IVAS. She traveled to Italy to learn the product line and do training with the wide variety of paints and plasters. She is now a certified instructor for the Metropolis Line.

Classes Kathy Wear is teaching at the 2014 IDAL Convention:

Lorie Wolff

Lori Wolff

One Horse Studio, LLC opened in 2001 by company founder Lorie Wolff who comes with 30 years experience in the design industry. Her vision and passion drive her to explore painting methods that enhance home or commercial spaces. Whether adding interesting dimension and depth to a surface, suggesting a sense of history or exploring the interplay of color and textures, One Horse Studio can transform any space or surface.

One Horse Studio, LLC provides the finest in custom decorative painting. The latest innovations and the study of the oldest techniques enhance our offerings that include finishes that imitate wood and stone, European style plasters, murals, and a variety of glazing methods. Our commitment to a customer service and quality workmanship contribute to high level of repeat business and referrals from satisfied clients. One Horse Studio, LLC practices environmentally friendly methods and our projects are run in a professional and efficient manner.

Lorie holds a BS in interior design from Oregon State University and an AS in textile design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Lorie strives to learn from the leaders of the decorative painting industry and is committed to continuing her education. The finest instructors are sought out every year to raise the level of knowledge and techniques used in her projects.

Classes Lorie Wolff is teaching at the 2014 IDAL Convention:

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