IDAL is a non-profit organization, empowering both the professional decorative artisan and the enthusiastic novice. True to our roots, IDAL is here to provide educational opportunities and connected community support to anyone who also has a passion to pursue a creative dream. So next time you hear that artistic whisper say, "follow me" you might find your path leads to IDAL.  You will be joining a rich legacy built on the artistic entrepreneurship of those who found a passion in something beautiful.     

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Aaron Wade Bailey

Bailey Decorative Artists: 

Who We Areby Aaron Wade Bailey

You can't tell the story of Bailey Decorative Artists without starting with my mother, Kathy. Born and raised in southern Illinois, her blue- collar, Midwestern upbringing shines through in her work ethic and her folksy demeanor. She has an interesting and extensive background in art, one that started in 1980 when she began taking canvas and tole painting classes. I was four at the time, and tagged along often, as well as when she attended art shows, piquing my already strong interest in drawing and other forms of art at a very young age.
From tole painting, her interest spread to airbrushing, sign painting, and many other types of art, exposing me to all of these in the process. Her talent was such that--in addition to buying her work--soon people were asking her for lessons, which she began teaching in the basement of our small, 1940s home in Carrier Mills, Illinois. And as usual, I was right there, annoying the heck out of her, until she realized the best way to shut me up was to hand me a canvas and allow me to participate.

Meanwhile, I studied art throughout high school and my first year at Knox College, in Galesburg, Illinois, where I also played football and was a member of the wrestling team. Although I enjoyed modest success as an athlete, art in all forms--and an urge to create it--continued to beckon. I worked as a sports writer in the sports information dept. of my college, in addition to hosting a pair of weekly talk shows on Knox’s radio station, WVKC 90.7 FM. I was also enrolling in several art and creative writing courses. 

I was given an opportunity to conceive and co- write my first live show, ScareSearch. In addition to performing as a singer/dancer in the eight-person show, I also designed the costumes and designed and built most of the props. I then departed Orlando again for six months, performing as a dancer on the cruise ship Costa Victoria, which allowed me to observe cultures and art all over the Caribbean and Mediterranean seas. I also saw some other stuff and had a beer or two. I don’t want to give the idea I was spending every day ashore going to museums.

After returning from the cruise ship, I signed a contract with Universal Studios Japan, which operated a park in Osaka. One of the first things I did when I arrived was locate an art store and buy new paints to replace the ones I had to leave in the states, and a guitar. I then spent the next thirteen months observing Japanese culture, architecture, and art while painting and teaching myself to play the guitar.

When I came back from Japan in 2003, I began assisting my mother with occasional projects--as she was now working as a decorative artist full- time--all while declining her attempts to lure me into doing the same. Instead, I would return to Universal Orlando, where I remained for the next ten years. I performed in dozens of shows, parades, and events, eventually
earning a spot as a Show Director in Entertainment Production.

After leaving Universal in August of 2013, I promptly created my own LLC, teamed up with my mother, and Bailey Decorative Artists was born. Our skill sets and interests compliment each other quite well, and as a result we have seen our business begin to grow to the point that we recently brought my lovely wife in to assist on a number of jobs. I like to consider Bailey Decorative Artists as a one-stop shop. If it involves paint, we probably do it, and there is very little we can't do at a high level.
Murals, plasters, faux finishes, cabinets...the list goes on.

Just call us. We can do it.  #IamIDAL

IDAL 2017 Conference October 17-22, 2017 

 Any creative business that wants to be successful needs to keep their eyes open for new trends. What better way for IDAL members to get a leg up in our Industry than be in the Heart of the Decorative World?! 

Walls, Fabrics, Art, Furniture, Furnishings....Be in the know when we visit High Point Market in October. Know what your designers & builders want.

With new & exciting ideas in mind, we'll then have workshops to create our fresh concepts. We're also raising the bar with exciting business sessions.  
Registration coming soon!  


Member Insurance: IDAL Professional & Business level members have the opportunity to be covered by Citadel Insurance 

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