IDAL Instructor Biography

Henri Menendez

Henri Menendez started his company in 1989, as owner/artist of DeHuelbes Designs, Inc. he has spent almost 30 years in the painting industry. Descendant of a long line of artistic Spaniards, Henri has traveled the globe seeking artistic enlightenment. After a brief stint in Tanzania studying the Kilimanjaro Shrew, Henri completed his formative studies in a Tibetan village near Nepal,mastering basket weaving while working as a Yak herder.  

This of course transitioned effortlessly into a semi-professional role with former NBA stars where he led his team to 3 consecutive OGL Championships. Undoubtedly, the next natural progression with his cat-like quickness and the grip of a Burmese monkey, Henri spent the last 12 years mastering all aspects of cabinet refinishing, teaching his note worthy "Cabinet Master Workshops" throughout the U.S. Training dozens of padde-won finishers to become more efficient, productive, and highly profitable cabinet finishers.

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